As an investor, new or experienced, you have to be in the know of things. The more updated you are with the current trends, market talk, financial events, etc. the better decisions you will be able to make about your investments. But how do you keep in touch with so many things at once? Well, you do not have to worry about it because there are online bloggers who are doing all the hard work just for you. They talk about a variety of financial subjects and topics so you can read their posts and learn everything about investing that you should. Now, not every online blog is a great blog on investing. Some only share the news they see on news websites and rephrase them for you. And some are nothing more than people who lost money in investments and found blogs to be a great way to rant about their situation. You need to read blogs that teach you something about investing with XTRgate. You have to read bloggers who have an inspiring voice and tone. Just so you get to read only quality material, here are the five best blogs that you can read to learn about investing.

The 5 Best Blogs for New and Experienced Investors

1.      The White Coat Investor

Is there a particular reason we have this particular blog first on the list? Of course, yes! The spread of Coronavirus around the world has shown that when bad times come, it is not just the soldiers who have to be the first line of defense for the country. In these hard times, your doctors, physicians, nurses, etc. are the people who are putting their lives in danger and making sure that they can save as many lives as possible. When the pandemic is over and these people who wear white coats are finally free from their tiring routines, they need to have an opportunity to bring their lives back to normal. That’s where this amazing blog can be a great help for them. Things can go awry for anyone, and doctors are no exception. If you are a doctor and are thinking about investing money in some venture, you should read this blog. White Coat Investor helps you in every way possible. Perhaps, you are not a doctor yet but are studying to become one. The blog will help you know about any methods that can reduce your student loans and make them easy for you. It offers you information on refinance loans, mortgages for doctors, income protection methods, etc. It is a hub of information, and yet it is completely free for everyone to use. One of the amazing things about this blog is that it explains things to the doctors regardless of what the information is related to. For example, if a new standard is introduced that affects doctors all over the world, the blog will explain what the effect on the doctors will be. So, if there is something that does not make sense to you, visit this blog and you will get the answer instantly. Don’t be surprised if you see some really long articles on this blog. Jim, who’s the author of the blog, does not keep away from explaining things in great depths. He will stretch the post to any length unless it covers the topic perfectly.

2.      Calculated Risk Blog

As soon as you land on this blog, you will know that it is all about markets, investments, information, and usefulness. There are no bells and whistles on this blog. The writer of the blog Bill McBride is very well-versed in all the information from the finance world. You will know instantly that he loves to talk about finance-related issues because of his in-depth analyses of everything related to investors and traders. Now, one of the issues that you will face with even the best investing blogs is that they are not frequently updated. It is often disappointing that some of the greatest blogs on the internet about investing post content only once a week. However, you will be more than happy, and surprised to some extent after looking at the frequency of updates that this blog receives. At times, you will see multiple posts appearing on the blog in just one day. That’s not a rare happening, in fact, it happens quite often. The blog is quite active right now and is constantly discussing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on various financial sectors. You will notice that the blog is a one-page blog where every post appears on the same page. If you have to look for a post from the past, you will have to click on “older posts” at the bottom of the page. While the blog contains a lot of information, it can definitely use some work on the side of design and interface. The only thing that does not appeal about this blog is its looks. A blog of this caliber should definitely have a very modern and appealing design. However, it seems at the moment that the creators of the blog are not worried about its design at all. Perhaps, this blog would have appeared on top of our list had it not been for its lack of design and looks. But you should not be walking away from the blog just because we said it does not look great. If you worry about matter and content, you will not find a better alternative.

3.      Money Morning

At first, this blog may seem just like another news site. And yes, it is a news site in a way. However, this is the one you will ever need to stay on top of your retirement plans and other investment endeavors. Yes, there is a lot of news on the website but that news is all content and matter. You will not find any information that’s there only to fill some space on the web page. In fact, you will feel relieved when you finally land on this website after vising many well-known news websites on the internet. Just like the previous blog, this one will also stay in your must-read blogs for many years because of how frequently it is updated. You will find a lot of news about COVID-19 on the blog, which means that the authors are there active and writing for their readers all the time. The most amazing thing about the blog is the prediction that comes from it. Yes, you will see that the blog makes some predictions by choosing certain assets in the financial markets. It then recommends those assets to its readers and predicts that they will be profitable. The best thing is that the blog then monitors those stocks and assets for its readers. The “profit alert” section on the blog is dedicated to the stocks predicted by the blog and their performance. You will see how well the assets that were recommended by the blog are performing in the market. The blog is not in your face like many others out there. It asks for permission to give you alerts. As a result, you will never get any annoying notifications from the blog. You can even complete a quiz on the website that’s there to know your interests, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Once you have completed the quiz, you will be notified with alerts that are tuned to your liking. You will never receive a notification that’s entirely what you do not want. So, this blog gives you a lot of reasons to love it.

4.      Oblivious Investor

That’s an ironic name for the blog only there as a figure of speech. You do not want to be an oblivious investor ever in your life. The author here is Mike Piper, who seems quite well-versed in all the knowledge about investing, accounting, taxing, etc. You will notice that while the blog has some great information, it is not the main conduit for Mike to share his valuable knowledge with you. In most cases, you will see him marketing his books on the blog to know more about the topics he covers. This goes to show that the person writing the blog posts knows what he is talking about. According to the blog, there are 21,000 people who read the blog every month and receive the newsletter from Mike too. One of the best things about this blog is that it teaches you something and helps you with a lot of things that are otherwise very confusing for people. For example, most of the people are not so good with tax planning. In most cases, they have to refer to a tax expert who then charges huge fees for providing his/her services. On the other hand, you have a lot of books from Mike that you can read to learn how you can plan your taxes. All the books that Mike talks about on his blog are also available on Amazon. Just so you know, he is a CPA who is in full position to advise you on a lot of matters related to your investments, financing, etc. The blog has been kept very simple and the tabs on the top are all about information for the blog visitors. You can choose the tab based on your intent for visiting the blog. Mike shares a lot of information on his website and you will know that as soon as you start scrolling down on the main page of the blog. There is an archive folder on the blog that you can use to read old articles, which goes to show that Mike shares a lot of posts on a frequent basis on the blog.

5.      The Simple Path to Wealth

The name of this blog tells you a lot. You know why you will be visiting this blog. An important thing you should notice here is that a lot of the bloggers are really young gentlemen and women these days. In fact, you expect bloggers to be young. However, Jim Collins, who runs the Simple Path to Wealth, is an old man who does not talk based on mere observations, but his words contain the weight of his experience as well. The blog looks really simple with its white background and black & white overall theme. However, what you are going to love is the illustrations that Jim often inserts in his posts to explain ideas better. One of the things you will notice about Jim’s writing is that he is not influenced by the ideas of others. He says what he thinks and that’s why you will find his words to be extremely honest. Some of the titles on his blog might seem offensive to some people, but if a blogger has to censor his/her language to sound good to readers, then that blogger is not doing justice to his/her readers at all. Such a blogger will be like a sell-out singer who creates only certain types of songs because that’s what the market demands. Where’s the art you may ask? Well, art is buried underneath the desire of making money. Do keep in mind that the name of his blog is after him i.e. jlcollinsnh. The subtitle of the blog is also the book written by him to help you. The unique feature of his blog is the “ask jlcollinsnh” section where you can ask him questions to get their answers immediately. You will also love the fact that each post on his blog gets a lot of comments. So, he has followers who are interested in listening to him and then interacting. With other blogs, there are some great posts but you don’t find any comments from the readers on them.

Final Thoughts

As an investor, you are going to learn a lot as you continue to invest. However, you have to surround yourself with people and sources that help you with your investments. Get information from these sources to stay on top of things. Subscribe to the blog that talks specifically about the topic that concerns you the most. Interact with bloggers as most of them love to respond to their readers. Read their books not only for information but also to show them that they matter to you.
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