If you were to ask, ‘which cryptocurrency should I buy for long term investment?’ the answer may vary from one person to the next.

But if you were to look closer, you’ll find that there are some crypto currencies that have performed well since they were created. For the newer tokens, you’ll quickly see the value in investing in them as they can be very useful in the future.

In the world of trading, there’s no such thing as certainty, but there are a few hard and fast rules you should consider:

– Don’t believe when people say their coins are better than yours.

– Always ask for advice from the experts, and do your research before investing huge sums of money.

– Trading isn’t gambling, and you’ll lose if you treat it that way. In any case, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

That said, here are 3 top cryptocurrencies XTRgate recommends for long-term growth and profit.


Ethereum has gained prominence in the cryptocurrency industry as soon as it launched. It nearly has the same tenure as bitcoin and have been around the market for quite some time. For this reason, a lot of people know about Ethereum, which sparks plenty of buzz and attention. You’ll see short spurts of growth every now and then but if you’ll check the trending then it’s generally upwards.

As a benefit, Ethereum is very easy to trade, and merchants and websites have begun offering ethereum as an optional payment method. If you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio you’ll find ethereum to be a very safe and stable bet.


Bitcoin is arguably the best crypto coin you can get for long term investment. It’s very secure and has proved to be resilient time and again. It has peaked before, but a bull’s market is showing signs that this could happen again.

Exposure in bitcoin is very excellent, as more people who have heard of cryptocurrencies will surely have heard (and know) about Bitcoin. It’s almost a sure bet that anyone who’s started investing in crypto will have Bitcoin as its #1 commodity. And yes, bitcoin can be traded in exchange for goods or services and on the internet and physical shops just like real money. Soon, people and financial institutions will accept Bitcoin as something similar to gold, silver and other precious metals.

Make sure to follow the movement of Bitcoin as it can be volatile and dip up and down quickly. That said, don’t panic when you see your crypto coins devolving in value- sooner or later, the market will pass and investors will begin trading them again.


Last but not the least, we have BAT or otherwise known as Basic Attention Token. It’s created by Brenda Eich, the maker of javascript and assumes a sort of digital advertising niche. BAT manages to check all the points that promise a trending upswing in the crypto market and is worthy of your money and attention.

Also, the scope of BAT is huge and relevant by today’s standards. The crypto coin’s aim is to ‘disrupt’ platforms that run ads on secure and private data, all of which increase page load and bandwidth. In theory, the crypto works by eliminating the middleman, which can result in faster load times and less annoying ads.

The intent is good and truthfully, it’s a crypto currency worth investing in for the long term. Keep in mind to manage and view BAT’s activity in the platform to see if it has progressed and is growing in terms of value and uptake.


There you have it- the 3 most viable long term crypto investments you can get right now. Make sure to do your research and to not be afraid of picking a cryptocurrency that you think is right for you.

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