Choosing the right crypto exchange for altcoins can be a daunting task.

In these times it’s best to rely on the knowledge of the experts. Crypto exchanges are scattered here and there and have been growing at a fast rate. Don’t settle for a mediocre exchange when you can get the best ones, listed below:


Since it was established in 2014 Poloniex has enjoyed rapid growth and success. And why not? Users get top-notch crypto exchange features in a single platform. Some of the noteworthy mentions include real time data analysis, a chat box and advanced tools that you’d normally pay for.

Poloniex also has a low processing fee that ranges from 0.10 to 0.25 percent, which makes it one of the best in the market. Maker rates are from 0 to 0.15 percent, which isn’t bad at all.

As for convenience, Poloniex has it in spades. Registration only takes a few minutes so you can get trading right away. They also have apps you can download on the Play Store and App Store to trade on the go.


Binance has become a household name in the world of crypto exchange. What stands out from the platform is that they allow users to pay trading fees using BNB, or the site’s native cryptocurrency.

Speaking of which, the website is optimized for viewing on both small and large screens, and the layout is exactly as you’d like. You’ll never be at a loss and will always have the information or tools you need to trade crypto commodities.

Binance features multiple languages, so non-English readers should feel right at home here. One thing that Binance does so well is add support for many financial partners, which make it all the more easier to begin exchanging money for your favorite cryptocurrency.

Binance is a solid choice that has all the features you’d need. Even novice traders will be at ease after just a few minutes of browsing the platform.


A Canadian-based altcoin exchange that runs a parallel with the vaunted New York Stock Exchange. The system is 100 percent proprietary, which is amazing when you think about it. The technology the platform uses is the same as the NYSE, made by the site’s developers, software engineers and account managers with care.

Signing up is just a matter of putting in your name, email address and financial information. Then, you’re off trading your favorite altcoins in exchange for assets. Noteworthy cryptos include Litecoin, Ethereum and of course, BItcoin.

The platform has a professional tone to it, which makes the experience more exciting. As with the top crypto exchanges Coinsquare also has an app you can download on the App Store or Play Store.


Huobi is a global crypto exchange that has a high-tech vibe to it. The platform has the support of the community behind it, which can come in very handy for first-time crypto traders. Aside from the site, you can join the exchange’s YouTube channel, follow them on Twitter and sign up for Telegram Channels for a well-rounded experience.

What’s different about Huobi is that it offers rewards for users and has a 24/7 support. If you like to play with quests and get rewarded, then Huobi should be top in your list.


Lastly, we have Bittrex, a crypto exchange that’s well-established and is lightning-quick, to boot. Trading altcoins is completed in near real-time status, which means you get your assets the moment you press or click the ‘complete transaction’ button.

The site adopts a no-nonsense, clean yet formal look that we like. Furthermore, safety is a top priority and Bittrex doesn’t compromise. You can trade with utmost peace of mind knowing that you’re protected with the latest SSL encryption and network security.

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