Cryptocurrency is an exciting new frontier for digital currency ever since it was established several years ago.

Today, people might be wondering, ‘Should I invest in crypto? What are the best crypto coins for long-term success?’

Well, the answer isn’t that simple. But given the fact that cryptocurrencies are growing by leaps and bounds each year, the answer is yes, it’s a good investment.

As there are many choices for buying crypto coins, it will be unwise to spread your investment too thin. Bitcoin is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency ever, but there are also some promising coins that you should consider.

For those who plan to hold ‘coins in the long term, here are XTRgate suggestions:


A well-known crypto should generate attention from new investors, and Bitcoin is one of the most stable coins out there in the market. Don’t worry about the fluctuations because they won’t matter if you’re trading for the long term.


Hydro is a cryptocurrency that addresses problems that we will encounter in the near future. On the whole, it’s a utility coin used to pay for ecosystem development, products and protocols, something that will always be relevant ten, twenty years from now.

It’s worthy to note that Hydro is one big ‘umbrella’ that holds many sub-systems when it launches. For example, it will feature Hydro Pay, a peerless and gasless p2p app that will include innovative products such as Hydro Vault, Hydro X and more.


IOTA is unlike first generation cryptocurrencies in that it uses an innovative architecture via the Tangle Technology. A new engine means faster transactions, improved decentralization and infinite scalability, not to mention zero transaction costs.

These are the exact same points that are troubling crypto exchanges right now, and investing in IOTA means you’re looking out for everyone’s best interest. Organizations are already looking into IOTA as an infrastructure they can use in their respective fields, be it manufacturing, production, logistics, etc.

Every new coin will have its challenges, and IOTA is not exempt from that. Currently, there are security concerns with the Tangle but developers promise that they are working on it. Still, it’s hard to imagine the cryptocurrency going away soon, which makes it an ideal long term investment.


STEEM is a novel cryptocurrency that focuses on social media and content. Created by Ned Scott in 2016 and Dan Larimer, developer of blockchain, you can rest assured that Steem has a bright future.

Steem’s goal is to provide a decentralized data storage and application via proof-of-stake as the default protocol. It promises a speedy transaction block record of 3 seconds and absolutely no transaction fees for users.

Like Hydro, Steem has many apps under its umbrella. For example, Steemit is a censorship-proof and decentralized blogging platform which provides rewards for those who create content. When you realize the fact that social media and online content are still going strong even after all these years, then it makes sense to think Steem will rise up in value for the long term.


BAT is a token that disrupts the online advertising industry. Forget about installing ad-blockers and using it every time you browse the web; with the Brave token, you can be sure that privacy is top-notch each and every time.

BAT has a large user base, mostly because of supporters who want to see what happens next. Moreover, the engine and technology is based off of the Chromium ecosystem, so developers can quickly integrate features as they would in Google Chrome.


Make no mistake- cryptocurrency is a worthwhile investment if you’re in it for the long term. You’ll just have to be patient, read up on news and regularly read on analytics and content from experts.

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