Bitcoin is always a must-have in a serious trader’s portfolio. Maybe some ethereum, XRP and others.

But truthfully, the world of crypto coins is more than that. If you dig a bit deeper you’ll find a few ‘coins that are interesting and yet are undervalued (probably because of low exposure).

One of the most exciting things a trader can do is explore available cryptocurrencies and understand what they do. In effect, you’ll find ones that are aligned with your interests, e.g., real estate, betting, recycling, etc. which can provide more value overall.

Have some extra money that you want to invest in non-popular crypto tokens? Here are a few of them that are considered ‘undervalued’. When they become successful though, you’ll be pleased to find that your investment has paid well in the end.


The Beam project was launched in 2018 and has earned top marks for its privacy. It’s unlike other crypto tokens in that it doesn’t store amounts or addresses on the blockchain. In fact, the only data you can see is the transaction itself, which makes for total and complete anonymity.

An auditor’s key may be created to allow viewing of transaction details. Beam uses a smaller group of blockchains due to its cut-through technology. In terms of benefits, a smaller blockchain can provide better scalability as compared to bitcoin, for example.

The project is well-funded, but it’s a bit undervalued for its potential. The project itself is backed by treasury and hasn’t been through a premine or ICO offering (which could explain the low exposure).


Power Ledger Coin has far-reaching consequences when realized. It’s main mission is to disrupt the renewable energy sector by bringing solar panels directly to homeowners, residential property and tenant-type entities for their own use.

Imagine being able to acquire solar panels to install in your home. You won’t have to rely on the grid for power, and can combine this setup with a storage solution so you can use green energy even when there’s no sun.

POWR can make that happen by setting up power stations for energy distribution on consumers and providers. Energy crisis is always a timely issue, and a cryptocurrency that can solve that is always relevant. The fact that governments and lawmakers are opposed to a completely renewable platform makes the crypto undervalued.


ICX, or ICON Coin paves the way for blockchain innovation. Inter-operability between ledgers and the technology itself is one of the main reasons why ICX exists.

The ICON platform promotes better connections between clusters of blockchain. The system ensures a well-connected path, which can come in very handy in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and others. From there, the separations become their own identities, e.g., for payment processing, insurance, governance, etc.


WAX tokens are a bit different in that it caters to a very specific niche- gamers. It doesn’t sound like a game-breaking cryptocurrency as compared to the three above, but the industry is growing into a respectable multi-billion dollar platform.

The premise of WAX is to create a platform where gamers can sell or buy in-game items, eliminating the need for a third-party website or a virtual shop. It’s convenient in a way that you won’t need to register to a few dozen gamer classified ads and can cut right to the chase. Simply list, upload and wait for a buyer. It’s that easy.

The undervalue factor probably comes from the fact that most people deem gaming as a pastime, but the trend is there. More than 50% of the world are now on their smartphones, which can also mean they spend time playing apps and games.


Explore around a bit and you can find undervalued yet good cryptocurrencies. Who knows? You may even discover the next big thing!

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