Since the recent surge in Ripple price, you notice that Ripple continues to provide the most reliable means of funds transfer around the globe. The success continues to grow as demand for Ripple continues to grow among many investors. Most of the Ripple users have realized the benefits of Ripple and want to acquire more Ripple coins share, thus keeping the demand and price high. One of the fear arises as Ripple founders have decided to retain a higher percentage of Ripple in their dockets. Some analysts and experts feel that if, for instance, Ripple reaches $100, then one of the founders who accumulate lots of Ripple coins decide to retire and sell their share might cause the price to crash, thus causing havoc to investors.

If Ripple prices continue to hike and reach $100, then it will have a larger market cap as compared to any other company and five times higher than Google. While considering that it’s a decentralized ecosystem without any central jurisdiction, anything might happen, but investors, experts, analysts have the confidence that Ripple will stabilize and eliminate the foreseen risks involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The most favoring scenario of Ripple is that it has diversified itself in various services and facilitating cross-border transactions and transfer of funds. You also notice that Ripple provides extra products xRipple that facilitates the efforts of the XRP Ripple, thus providing diversified services. The products ensure diversification of Ripple, which enable the crypto to maintain stability in case one of the services goes down, the other service remains strong and stable.

Buying and holding Ripple

You find that as long as you have the funds and have an interest in Ripple crypto, you can buy and hold Ripple for as long as you want, which is also another way to accumulate your wealth. With the current trend, holding Ripple comes with some advantages as the price gets hiking. You could find Ripple surging to $100, which could provide exclusive returns if you decide to sell at that price. As a wise investor, you will only need to remember that Ripple is a decentralized ecosystem with no central government in control. Despite higher promises in the future, it’s still a cryptocurrency similar to gambling, where you would not want to invest all your funds.

Ripple has achieved its objectives as one of the most established technology to transfer funds globally in real-time. Banks and Ripple exchanges continue to approve Ripple as one of the most suitable trading platforms. Some of the governments like China have allowed Ripple to trade in stocks, thus increasing the assurance that Ripple continues to gain a stable ground. If more government institutions and financial institutions continue embracing the use of Ripple, then you find that Ripple will have a significant impact in the entire financial sector where its price will continue to rise, thus a higher potential that it might reach $100.

If at all Ripple hits a $100 mark, then there would be significant repercussions that will come with it as no one can predict the future. Higher price means stagnant, and that only a few elite individuals could afford to purchase Ripple, and therefore small scale investors would not have access to Ripple. Such a move can halter the objective of Ripple of facilitating a faster way to move funds globally. You find that only a few individuals would now afford the cross-border trading. You find that most of the business run by small-scale traders would prefer to use fiat money where wealthy traders might buy more Ripples and accumulate the funds to accumulate their wealth, thus reducing Ripple liquidity in the market industry.


From the traders’ perspective, the surging prices might end up benefiting a few wealthy individuals, where the main objective of Ripple is to facilitate everyone to conduct an affordable wealth transfer. The price is still stabilizing and surging, where it’s necessary for the price to remain at a constant for every enthusiast. You also realize that there is still a high chance of the price surging higher as demand for Ripple continues to grow. If the price continues to rise, then the chances of Ripple reaching a $100 remains high. The crypto indicates a promising future as a result of numerous Ripple exchanges, more accessibility, and governments accepting it to trade in stock exchanges, and also the promising market cap and liquidity. Investors willing to invest can invest now before the price surges to $100, thus providing an opportunity for just a few individuals.

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