Trading is simple, and at the very same time, it is not simple at all. The most valuable thing that I learned after years of experience is that dealing is not about luck and you should also remember this throughout your career. At the very same time, there are no alternatives in trading. If an online broker informs you that you can make a lot of cash within a few transactions by trading with a critical asset, the broker is probably lying to you.

Any agent that tells you that you can earn profits easily is not a real one at all. You are probably trading with a fake one or, it is a scam, and he may probably scam your cash and you will end up broke. The real problem about trading in this era is that the industry is growing very fast and many people cannot keep up with it.

There is a lot of competition in the market, and you need to work a lot on the current market situation and aim for more profits but the first thing that matters is choosing the right broker. Which is really a hard task as there are hundreds of websites offering you opportunity to trade? However, not everyone is honest to you. Some may be scams and others will not offer you the features you want.

However, after researching the market of cryptocurrency trading, and observing the brokers, I found may brokers who are totally honest with you and provide you with opportunities that you really want to survive in the trading market. One of those brokers is XTRgate.

According to me you should never trust any online broker until you are sure about their credibility and if you are new everything will probably sound false to you or you will trust any other broker without investigating more. When you are trading with XTRgate, you will find out how easy and educational their website is, so that you can learn while starting your trading career. A broker will either keep you in peace or give you stress. Let’s find out the factors that affect your experience with a broker.

Introducing You to XTRgate

The thing you really need to admire about a broker is that what does he knows about cryptocurrency trading. As mentioned that the online trading is very vast industry and it has a great pace and several traders are trying to keep up and survive in the market but they find it difficult because of the broker they choose does not help them at all.

You are probably never going to find a broker that will offer you many different assets and many instruments in the variety of the financial markets. Like you might be able to trade with CFDs, ETFs and many other options with same broker and using the same platform.

This is a thing that you probably didn’t think of doing in past. However, it is of no use if you are trading with different brokers and know nothing about trading. But if you have a single broker who can provide you educational content so that you can learn and trade with better methods and techniques, you will earn more profits.

There are many platforms that are providing many other advanced option of trading, but they aren’t specialist in any of them. That’s where XTRgate is helping new traders start their trading career in a better way.

XTRgate is a Scam or Not

The first thing you can see if you want to know that you are dealing with a scammer is that whether they have posted anything about their registration or not. While I was researching about the history of XTRgate I found out that it is owned and operated by a company named Altos group LTD. They are registered by Dominican Republic and can you believe it has a physical address that further tells you that they are true and real company and not scammer. On their website I was able to see their contact details of three offices at different locations so that I can contact them when I need help.

When you will sign up with a broker, they will protect all your information and transaction record through SSL encryption. You can easily see a lock sign near you address bar. This means that you can give any important or personal information without even worrying and that you details will not end up in bad hands. If any trading website does not have an SSL encryption, your browser will inform you and warn you before entering into any financial or any personal information

XTRgate even regularly scan their site for any type of KYC or weakness so they can make sure that you have access to your account. It is logical that a broker who is providing you so much security and keeping you out of trouble will not scam you.

What Benefits You Will Get By Using XTRgate?

When you are choosing a website for trading, it is essential to check what that interface is offering their traders. In this review of XTRgate, I will explain you how my experience with XTRgate was, and what I found about their unique and great features. Here are some essential things that you need to consider before going for this broker:

Wide Range of Asset Options and Currency Pairs

When I heard that XTRgate was offering more that 40 cryptocurrency pairs, I didn’t believe as this many pairs of currencies means limitless trading opportunities. However, when I start trading with this broker, I was amazed by their list of asset offerings. Before I found about XTRgate, most of the websites that I trusted were offering me only the popular digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. No doubt that Bitcoin is a popular currency but you need other variations also. For instance, with XTRgate you can trade with Bitcoin pairs such as Bitcoin-Tether, Bitcoin-Litecoin, Bitcoin-EUR, Bitcoin-GDP, Bitcoin-USD, and many more.

Not only that, you can make unlimited pairing options with Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. This way you can trade with ease on different crytocurrencies and show your trading potential with complete freedom. With so many options you can choose your strategies according to different currencies and increase your chances to earn more profits.

High Leverage and Low Spreads

After spending so many years trading, I learned that it is better to have lower spreads on the currency pairs you are dealing in. XTRgate is offering zero spreads for many currencies. Not just low spreads but they are also offering high leverage. You will find this too good to be true, just like me, but once you start trading with this broker, you will feel the difference. The leverage that you will find the most will be maximum at 1:20, and minimum at 1:2, or even 1:5.

Every trader who is aware of what leverage and spreads are will always want to trade with a broker who offers high leverage and low spreads. On top of that XTRgate will not charge any commission from you, no matter what.

Various Account Options

XTRgate is the ideal platform like many other top brokers which is available for any type of trader. When I registered for the first time with this broker, they asked me to choose from five different account types depending on what my trading level is. They are offering you Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Basic account options. So you will be able to choose an account depending on your needs. If you are new to trading, you should select the Basic account in which you will deposit minimum of 500 USD.

Every account has various features that you should consider before choosing. With basic account you will get only few features dedicated to your level of expertise. You will get 24/6 customer support, pro webinars, reviews about daily markets, an education portal in all the accounts. Top accounts will include features such as one on one training sessions, account manager, and price alerts.

Education Center for New and Professional Traders

XTRgate consider traders as their partners and they work on educating them for better results. The materials they provide are gathered with efforts so that you can understand the concept and basics of trading in cryptocurrencies. They will provide you with helpful guides and educational resources with video courses.

If you are a new trader then these resources will be amazing to boost up your experience and skills. So you can develop your trading ability and create techniques that will work.

Robust and User Friendly Trading Platform

When I am trading, I never compromise of the trading platform that I use. Even if a broker has extensive options of trading assets, you should always check their trading platform. I never recommend a trading platform for traders with complex and cluttered user interface. The interface is the first factor that you need to consider while choosing a trading platform.

When I used XTRgate, I found their trading platform robust that was helpful to understand the process of trading easily. So I suggest you this platform as you will find the interface user friendly and easy to navigate. No matter if you are a new trader or already have an experience in trading I prefer a platform that provides you access to all the features in easy methods. Believe me; you will be irritated, if you will not be able to grasp the ways to buy and sell, check you balance, and further options.

As XTRgate is offering a web-based platform, their website is highly flexible, and I did not have to download or install anything just to trade. Furthermore, I was able to trade with XTRgate through any device. You will find all the options through one-click on the dashboard which I found really convincing. If you will use XTRgate for trading, you will not get any chance to complain about delays and lags during transactions, as all the process takes place in real time.

Simple and Quick Registering and Sign In Process

It is not really important to sign up with a procedure which is long and draining. If the method to get register is not easy, the traders will get de-motivated. However, I found trading websites who were asking extensive information that were not even necessary. But you will not find this long and lengthy process for registering, when you are using XTRgate because this broker works really hard and make sure that registration is easy and fast for everybody.

XTRgate will not charge you for registration. It is very easy to get to the registration button on the broker’s homepage. After selecting the registration option, a form will appear to you. Now you need to fill out the required fields. When you submit it you will get a verification code on the email you provided.

The process of registration will be completed automatically after you verify your email. Now you can start trading with the account. Your account can be updated or accessed from the broker’s home page or if you have forget your password you can even reset it with your email address.

Customer Service XTRgate is Offering

I have visited many trading websites to find out how is their customer service. It was so frustrating to find out that many websites does not even share their number or email. If you have used a broker’s website, you must know that how helpful customer service can be. You can solve your problems in short time by just directly contacting the team ready to help you.

After inspecting so many websites, I found XTRgate really active as they offer so many options for customer service. With XTRgate, you do not need to panic if you can’t find a solution to any problem related to trading and their website. They are available for you 24/6 and will help you in short period of time.

You can either email them or even call their number if your problem is serious and urgent. You can also live chat with the team. After speaking to their customer service team member, you will find how much they care for you. Their customer service options are so active that you can clearly say that they are not a scam.


In this review I have talked how XTRgate help traders in learning trade and performing trade for earning profits. I also explained why XTRgate is not a scam and how you will feel like trading with this broker. The features they offer such as banking, customer services, and asset offering are really amazing. You can easily use and learn a lot of things about trading in cryptocurrency without compromising the great experience.

Especially, their commission free high leverage and low spreads make this website trader-friendly. With XTRgate you will not only have amazing crypto trading experience, but also will enjoy the perks of collaborating with true partner who keep their traders on top priority.

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